Asus Monitors: The Good, the Bad and Everything In Between

Asus is a company that has been around for decades, and they have always been known as a monitor manufacturer.  Let’s dive into the details of their creations!

They offer a wide variety of products:

  • TVs
  • smartphones
  • laptops
  • tablets
  • desktop computers and so on.

But their main product is the monitor which features many different characteristics for different purposes and professions. In this article, we will be discussing the Asus monitor. It’s important to know what features it offers so you can make an informed decision before purchasing one!

Monitors can come as desktop or laptop monitors as well as gaming monitors that have special functions such as higher refresh rates or low response times. Asus offers all those types but today we are going to focus on just the regular LCD/LED screens you would normally see in an office setting. The company has been around since 1989 so they know what people need when it comes to getting more productive at work with better technology! They started making CRT monitors back then but switched over quickly, offering high-quality displays throughout time while always incorporating new technologies into them LED lights among other things!

Features of Asus’ Monitors

The Asus monitor is a 27-inch screen, which is big enough to make your work more comfortable and enjoyable. It has been designed with productivity in mind but there’s also some entertainment value-added for the people who enjoy it from time to time!

As mentioned before this Asus monitor features LED lights that help save money on energy bills and they don’t emit any harmful radiation like older monitors did. You won’t have to worry anymore about damaging your eyes during long working hours because of those old screens with bad lighting!  It also offers multiple ports so you can hook up all kinds of devices such as computers or laptops through HDMI or VGA ports. This way you will always be able to connect everything without having too many cables around!


Let’s dive into the advantages of an Asus monitor.  First of all, it is really affordable, so if you want a good quality monitor but don’t have too much money to spend this might be the one for you. It offers great picture and color accuracy, which means that images will look exactly as they were meant to when created by the artist! If you’re working with any kind of media especially videos or photos then colors will appear just like in real life because Asus monitors are calibrated very well!

Another thing we need to discuss with an Asus monitor is how easy it has been designed and built. You can remove its stand and mount it on your wall using special screws called VESA mounts; something people who rent their homes often do since there’s not always room under desks for bigger screens. Another thing that makes this monitor great is the fact that you can pivot it into a portrait mode, which might help people who work with text or code!


Finally, we have to discuss what disadvantages an Asus monitor might have. One of them is how large and heavy they are compared to other monitors in their price range. If you want something smaller for your desk then there’s plenty of options out there from other companies so think about whether having a bigger screen will be beneficial for you before making any decisions! 

Another thing I noticed while working with my own Asus monitors at home was the lack of red colors when using different operating systems:

  1. Windows.
  2. Macintosh.

After some research, I found out that this problem has been reported by many users online but no official response was ever given by the company. That means you will most likely receive a defective product when getting one of these monitors so make sure to test it out before taking it home!

Furthermore, there is the fact that Asus doesn’t manufacture their own panels like most other companies do which might be concerning for some people since they’re not in full control over any aspect of production. This can lead to different problems with color accuracy and image representation compared to buying another monitor brand whose panel has been made on their own terms.

So if you are looking for a monitor that is perfect to use during long working hours, the Asus 27-inch screen might be just what your office needs. It’s big enough to enjoy all the content on it but not too huge so it takes up space and doesn’t fit well in smaller rooms! It has multiple ports designed especially for productivity as well as LED lights which make life easier both at work or home. The company offers great warranties and support making them one of our best picks when considering buying an Asus monitor today!

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