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A website is produced from the numerous modest elements which are connected with each together could be having assorted defaults or errors so that for examining the site we make use of an elaborate approach, is Website testing.

In this process, every software can be tested by our intellectual specialist.

At decent InfoTech, we have a powerful team of specialized authorities having many years of experience in a testing field. They are adroit quality assurance experts who have checked a huge quantity of applications. It is an effective way to find out the glitches and also testing that all prerequisites are accomplished of the project.

Web Testing helps to make a perfect website and informs about any mistakes or faults differing to the correct website.

At Decent Infotech software testers do not only make software; but they also make them better.

Types of website testing which we offer:-

  • Manual Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Mobile tests
  • Performance testing and engineering
  • ERP testing and validation practice
  • ETL tests
  • Usability and accessibility testing and validation services
  • Internationalization/localization tests
  • Compatibility tests
  • Predictive analytics in QA
  • Next Gen Managed QA Services
  • QA transformation and consulting
  • Infrastructure testing services
  • Security testing and validation services